Email Marketing.

Are you struggling with...

Cold Email Agency

Generating consistent leads for your business?

Emails ending up in spam and low deliverability rates?

Setting up your email marketing infrastructure?

We believe in the strength of Cold Email Marketing and its ability to fuel growth.


Deliverability Solutions

If you’re just starting with email marketing or dealing with existing challenges, we can assist you with:

  • Ensuring your emails consistently land in the inbox, avoiding spam traps
  • Resolving domain and IP blacklisting issues 
  • Boosting your sender reputation 
  • Establish a distinguished presence in the digital realm
  • Email Read/Open Rate Revolution

Infrastructure Setup

Whether you’re preparing to send One Thousand emails a day or One Million, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to kickstart your cold email journey:


  • G Suite and Outlook infrastructure setup 
  • Private server and C-panel integrations 
  • Domain registration
  • DNS record management
  • Email account creation 

Campaign Management

Managing your cold email marketing funnel is hard, growing your business is harder. Leave the emails to us. 


  • Sourcing leads for your campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Ensuring high response, open and click through rates
  • CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliance 

Sales Qualified Leads

Not interested in your own infrastructure or campaigns? We send the emails on your behalf and you just pay for the SQL’s in your inbox. 


  • Cap how many leads you want to receive each month
  • Login to our portal and track real time how campaigns are progressing
  • Custom copywriting and lead sourcing catered for your business

Email marketing is more than strategy; it's the heartbeat of our growth. I believe in its power to connect, engage, and transform businesses.

Cole, Founder

The Power of Cold Email Marketing

Email marketing is a more cost-effective alternative to phone calls and paid advertising, offering a higher return on investment. They consistently produce tangible results, leading to increased sales and growth. When strategically executed, emails can serve as the sole sales funnel your business needs

Average Conversion Rate
0 %

Email marketing drives actions that directly contribute to sales and business expansion.

 (source: Gartner)

Increased Revenue
0 %

A well-crafted email campaign wields the power to significantly impact your bottom line, surpassing the effectiveness of paid advertisements.

(source: Yesware)

Business Satisfaction
0 %

Businesses report emails being highly effective for increasing sales: Emails consistently outperform traditional advertising, providing a more substantial return on investment.

(source: Propeller CRM)

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Opinions of our customers

Prospect Up has truly transformed the way I approach emails. Their solutions ensure my emails land in inboxes, boosting my strategy with valuable insights. For anyone serious about growing through emails, Prospect Up is a game-changer.

John Rogers

I was dreading the email infrastructure setup until Prospect Up came along. Their infrastructure setup covered everything – Gsuite, private servers, you name it. They made email setup genuinely stress-free.

Michael Scorfano

Prospect Up is more than just an email solution; they're a genuine growth partner. From finding the right clients to crafting authentic copy, they make campaigns stress-free. Highly recommended!

Carlos Doe

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