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Generating leads consistently for your business.

Wasting time and money on costly growth strategies (SEO, Cold Callers, Paid Ads).

Relying on referrals, word of mouth and repeat buyers.

We believe in the strength of Cold Email Marketing and its ability to fuel growth.


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Kickoff Call

Meet with Cole to discuss your current outreach strategies, target audience, market fit and your campaign goals.


Technical Setup

You’ll need domains, emails and a platform to send cold emails. We’ll setup your hosting, DMARC, DKIM, SPF and warm ups to keep your emails out of spam and in inboxes.


List Building + Copywriting

Successful cold email campaigns require a lot of leads and a lot of copy writing. We find your ideal client persona and A/B test copy for optimal performance.


Performance Measurement

We monitor campaigns weekly focusing on open rate and response rate as our main KPI’s. Our goal is to scale up campaigns and increase your ROI.

Cold email marketing is more than strategy; it's the heartbeat of our growth. I believe in its power to connect, engage, and transform businesses.

Cole, Founder

The Power of Cold Emails

Cold emails are a more cost-effective alternative to phone calls and paid advertising, offering a higher return on investment. They consistently produce tangible results, leading to increased sales and growth. When strategically executed, cold emails can serve as the sole sales funnel your business needs

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Average Conversion Rate

Cold emails drive actions that directly contribute to sales and business expansion.

 (source: Gartner)

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Increased Revenue

A well-crafted cold email campaign wields the power to significantly impact your bottom line, surpassing the effectiveness of paid advertisements.

(source: Yesware)

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Business Satisfaction

Businesses report cold emails as highly effective for increasing sales: Cold emails consistently outperform traditional advertising, providing a more substantial return on investment.

(source: Propeller CRM)

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Opinions of our customers

Prospect Up's list creation streamlines our lead generation. Their targeted solutions ensure we connect with the right audience, a significant asset for our business.

John Rogers

Prospect Up's copywriting skills have an impressive impact. Their email scripts are persuasive and consistently deliver results.

Michael Scorfano

Prospect Up's is the best cold email agency, optimizing our outreach efforts through data-driven strategies.

Carlos Doe

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